Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain Bike Review

Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain Bike Review
8.5 Total Score


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  • It includes the huge 29" wheels that has more strength than smaller sized wheels.
  • It has a powerful aluminum frame
  • The steel handlebars are very stable

Different brands of mountain bike also have different features and specifications. Usually for a more stable and stronger bike for rough terrain, the bigger bike is the most suitable. The Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain Bike is one of the big bikes with great performance as well as has high speed.

Wheels and design

The Thruster T-29 is one of the mountain bikes which choose to use great wheels for the best riding performance. The 29 inches wheel is perfect for traction force and helps the rider to more maneuver in difficult terrain. The wheel also has advanced momentum which allows the rider for a faster move with minimal strength.

The massive wheel perhaps is the biggest in most of aspect includes performance and power. It gives the rider plenty of advantages in plenty reasons. One, the massive wheels gives the rider natural posture due to the height. It obviously reduces the discomfort which usually caused by mountain bike with low profile. Two, the big wheels indeed increase the overall bike performance. The increase traction force gives the rider plenty of advantage especially in the rough terrains. The increasing momentum increases the bike’s general speed also.\


Aluminum is the common metal material for a most mountain bike. However, mountain bike with heat treated aluminum is still in the limited number. The Thruster T-29 is one of the few MTB to have the heat treated aluminum for the frame. The very metal material gives the bike lightweight which then results in the easier cycle for both downhill and uphill. Despite as the lightest metal in the market, aluminum frame is also considered as the strongest metal. It adds stability as well as strength for the rider’s advantage.

Safety feature

This mountain bike is not only marketed with plenty of safety features but also comfort. The Thruster T-29 MTB arrives with high quality and easy to use brakes. The brakes are positioned on the rear and front wheels to make sure that dead stop is possible even in an emergency condition. The rims are made a slightly thicker than the average due to the double walled nature to make sure that brakes work effectively.


This Thruster bike is equipped with front wheel suspension. Unlike the common mountain bike, thanks to the Shimano suspension forks; it comes in very handy when you are riding through the hard rocky and bumpy road. This is because the suspension job is to absorb the shocks which certainly give discomfort to your body in such road.

The Good and drawback

The biggest drawback of this mighty mountain bikes is the brakes. Instead of using the latest disc brakes technology, this bike uses the rim brakes instead. Of course, the rims brake also has its own advantage; however many people prefer the latest disc brakes due to the efficiency in various weather and terrain. The rims brakes usually depend on the dryness of the rims to work efficiently. Meaning that in wet weather, the rim brakes do not work as good as in the dry weather. Moreover, the rear wheel seems to lack in suspension forks which somehow uncomfortable in certain riding condition.

Despite the drawbacks, the wheel size of this mountain bike indeed draws the crowd’s attention. The bigger wheels indeed are more powerful compared to the smaller wheels. Moreover, the strong aluminum frame adds the bike’s strength and durability. The stable handlebars made of steel provide you a steady steering even in a bumpy road. For the speed freaks, this mountain bike is a score; it comes with 21-speed shifts with Shimano gear shift for an easier to gear shifting.

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8.5 Total Score

The Thruster T-29 29er Men's Mountain bike is an economical bike that will offer you the very best service, specifically if you are a very first time bicycle rider. It is a monster on rugged terrain, but likewise smooth on tarmac. Its fairly low-cost cost is most likely the finest pro that makes it the most preferred bike in the market.

  • It includes the huge 29" wheels that has more strength than smaller sized wheels.
  • It has a powerful aluminum frame
  • The steel handlebars are very stable
  • The rim brakes are less efficient
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