Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 Review

Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 Review
8.5 Total Score


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  • Great for short and leisure kayak journeys
  • Developed for stability however low speed
  • No problems tracking
  • Smaller kayak can fit in some trunks
  • Steady does not tip very easily
  • Great for shorter kayaks given that it has adjustable foot rests

Today we’re going to go through the sun dolphin excursion ss 10 sit-in fishing kayak. These kayaks are offered in lots of stores and they retail really cheap they usually opt for a minimum of 430 dollars plus shipping. The kayak is great for beginners and those new to the kayaking sport. We will be focusing on the ss which is the enhanced model over the routine adventure and comes with lots of included features that set it apart from the initial.

What Type Of Kayak is it?

As the name recommends, you can comprehend that this is a fishing kayak, specially designed for kayak fishing. This kayak includes all the necessary features and mods to assist you in fishing better. More on fishing functions will be found below. Just follow this expedition kayak review and you will comprehend it’s nature.

Where to utilize it?

This kayak can be utilized in Lakes, the river as well as in the yard pond. Considering that this is a fishing kayak, it is presumed that you will be utilizing it in river and lakes for fishing.

Solely Produced for Fishing Purpose

Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 Sit in Fishing kayak comes with remarkable features to enhance your fishing experience. This kayak is made to satisfy the expectations of a passionate angler.

It features 2 flush-mount and one swivel rod holder to maximize your fishing experience. The cockpit is large enough to easily get in and out while fishing. You can install more fishing equipment like a fishing rod, portable fish finder and more.

The paddle holder will keep the paddle and enable you to focus more on the fishing. An angler will have the ability to focus more on the fishing than managing paddles. There is even a helpful bottle holder to keep your beverage; hence, you can be hydrated while out fishing.

  • Two flush-mount
  • One swivel rod holder
  • Big cockpit for much better motion
  • Easy to install fishing gear
  • Bottle holder for drink
  • Big Open Cockpit

One of the terrific functions of this kayak is its big open cockpit location with spray deflector collar. You can quickly get in or out of this kayak. If you even flip the kayak, it will not be hard to get it in.

Adjustable Seat

Numerous kayakers grumble about not having an adjustable seat on their kayak. Thanks to KL Industries for offering an adjustable seat for the Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 kayak. Because we are going to set for a very long time, it is extremely required to adjust the seat in a number of positions in various time. Excursion 10 kayak’s seat can be changed in a number of positions to discover the perfect area for you. What’s more, there is a back assistance which makes it more comfy to the users to fish for long hours without having neck and back pain.


Storage hatch with shock cord deck rigging. The rear storage compartment is not entirely water resistant; which is a bad side to me. You can keep small fishing gear however not big ones. That’s a bummer for me because I prefer kayaks with larger storage. The bungee can be utilized to keep other little equipment or dry bag. You can quickly reach the storage.

Tracking and Stability

Trip 10 fishing kayak tracks very well in flat water while preserving an exceptional stability. The hull is developed in such a way that it offers a beautiful combination of tracking and turning.

2 Mount Rod Holders

As we have actually mentioned this fishing kayak comes with 2 install rod holder which are flush installed. Therefore, you can firmly keep your fishing pole in the rod holder and usage when you wish to catch some fish.


This kayak is made from polyethylene. Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 kayak is rugged and dent resistant; this kayak is solidly built to last for a lifetime.

Polyethylene Hull

Economic but strong polyethylene was used to make the hull of Excursion 10 fishing kayak. This makes the kayak robust and resilient enough to hold up against rough waters. If made sure appropriately, this kayak will last for a long period of time.

8.5 Total Score

In general, the sun dolphin Excursion 10 appears like a good kayak for the rate. If you're looking for a low-cost fishing kayak to simply get started in the sport and you don't require all the extras like secret storage compartments and additional storage areas and very high-quality materials this kayak is best for you. We would suggest it get started but if you want something more severe and your thinking of remaining in the sport for the long term we would advise increasing an additional few hundred dollars in rate point.

  • Great for short and leisure kayak journeys
  • Developed for stability however low speed
  • No problems tracking
  • Smaller kayak can fit in some trunks
  • Steady does not tip very easily
  • Great for shorter kayaks given that it has adjustable foot rests
  • Some reported flaws like a foot brace that broke on the first usage and bring handle that may break, nevertheless this can be easily returned and replaced
  • Paddle is notified to not be too fantastic so we suggest an aftermarket paddle
  • Some user grumbles about tracking nevertheless others saying tracks fantastic
  • No pad for seat bottom may want to get your own
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