Sea Eagle 330 with Deluxe Bundle – Complete Review

Sea Eagle 330 with Deluxe Bundle – Complete Review
8.5 Total Score


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  • Light-weight boat
  • High maneuverability and strength
  • Excellent power level
  • Deluxe sturdy seats
  • Easy to steer, paddle and carry

Today, thousands of daring people delight in the powerful of water component experiencing self-guided kayaking adventure. Are you amongst them? Welcome to kayaking adventure!

Kayaking is a great way to restore your mood and enjoy water tourism. You will go to the kayaking store, and your adventurous friends follow you and greet the new member of their kayaking neighborhood. What kayak should I use catch the drive of the powerful waves or to sit calmly with a fishing pole? Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak is one of the finest choices.


Save and convenient, this 2-person kayak made by Sea Eagle Corporation will be your good buddy for the water adventure. Sea Eagle has been a great maker of kayaks, inflatable boats, and equipment considering that 1968. You will be definitely impressed by the presence of 9-inch tubes, l-beam building and construction, and high frequency bonded joints. Other functions are:

  • 500-pound total weight capability
  • K-80 polykay lar hull product of extra density
  • 2 skegs for tracking and speeding to go efficiently across the water
  • Effective structure product with strong structure
  • Self-bailing drain valve
  • Pressure gauge and repair package
  • Bow and stern snatch line
  • Powerful deluxe seats with convenient backs

This kayak is a light boat, as the overall weight is only 26 pounds, and the kayak measurements are 10 x 19 x 34 inches. Because of its little size, the boat is considered as an excellent option for particular functions: drifting in lakes and streams.

Great For Beginners and Traveling

My truthful viewpoint is that even though I know the Sea Eagle 330 is an excellent inflatable kayak and is excelent for an entry level kayak.

It is a nice model to pick if you do not wish to spend many loans and want to discover out if you, in fact, enjoy kayaking.

If nevertheless you plan on going out on the water more than a few times a year and are able to pay for the additional few hundred dollars, I would highly suggest choosing among their greater end models such as the Sea Eagle 380X or the brand-new Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack. Here is why:

First, the greater end kayaks will last you a lot longer. They are a lot more rugged and practically difficult to pierce. Second, they are tougher and can hold up to lots of various weather, in addition, to manage beautifully in just about any type of water.

They will carry out better, get better tracking and be able to reach higher speeds. They are really an all around better inflatable kayak. When you get much better with your paddling skills, you will most likely wish to update to among these designs.

Nevertheless as discussed previously, the 330 is ideal for novices as well as for those who desire an affordable option that is still in excellent quality and will be really easy to paddle and carry.


  • Light-weight boat: with the total weight of 26 pounds, the kayak has the ability to manage 2 adult people and owns 500-pound total weight capacity
  • High maneuverability and strength: the boat completely fits the rocky location and is extremely advised by skilled kayakers.
  • Excellent power level: with just two skegs on the boat, the kayaker can quickly cope with the running water
  • Deluxe sturdy seats: trustworthy strength for good posture and general convenience.
  • Easy to steer, paddle and carry.
  • Basic to inflate and deflate and durable


  • Something pointed by consumers is a lack of area behind the rear passenger seats that could lead to some trouble, so it will be an unpleasant suitable for 2 tall individuals
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8.5 Total Score

Pick up your favourite boat smartly and wisely. It is not possible to become an excelent water cruiser vanquisher of the waves in one day, but it is possible to own a stylish kayak Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with exceptional technical qualities. This boat will inexorably help you develop great memories of water kayaking experience due to quick speed and remarkable maneuverability.

  • Light-weight boat
  • High maneuverability and strength
  • Excellent power level
  • Deluxe sturdy seats
  • Easy to steer, paddle and carry
  • lack of area behind the rear passenger seats
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