Nikon Monarch 3 BDC 4-16 × 50 Review

Nikon Monarch 3 BDC 4-16 × 50 Review
8.5 Total Score


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  • Featuring MONARCH 3 Eye Box Technology with 4-time zoom range and up to four Inch of eye relief
  • Adjustments are made easy with Spring-Loaded Instant Zero-Reset Turrets

If it’s optical, implicates lenses and an extend of excellent-quality glass then you can assume Nikon has made it. Nikon is associated with a broad range of various optical organisations, which varies from field glasses, spotting and rifle scopes and also more high tech lenses for digital camera, video recorder, and so on. To say they’re experienced in the optics world is a little an understatement. Talking about rifle scopes, Nikon provides a plenty of different optics, and a range of various lines.

This time we take on among their greater level optics – Nikon Monarch that is developed for longer variety shooting, or for hunting. The Monarch 3 we are examining is the 4-16 power optic with a 50mm objective lens.

First Impression

The Nikon Monarch comes in an modest cardboard box, and is stored safely. The Optic comes with the standard user’s manual, lens covers, registration and service warranty details, and a huge lens fabric. The lens cloth is a nice touch, and definitely comes in a handy.

The optic itself feel well built and is strong in the hand. The Nikon Monarch 3 is made from a single piece tube that enhances toughness in addition to possible accuracy. The finish is really anodized, which is a good touch in a world of optic painted black. The scope is rather long and big, as you’d picture a 4-16 x 50 scope would be, however it’s in fact quite light.


Nikon lists the weight as 19.4 ounces, really okay for a scope this size. This makes the scope feasible for brush guns, in addition to those who choose to stalk their game. The optic is small enough to make off hand, stand a shooting much more simple when confronting to a hefty optic like Millett TRS 1 which is likewise a 4-16 × 50 scope, however weighs 29.4 oz.


The controls move good and smooth. There is no stalling as the zoom wheel turns, and while it’s not extremely loose, it’s smooth and succinct. The turrets aren’t target format, however are fingertip convertible. They are ulterior with an aluminum case and make good, tactile modifications. If you can’t hear the clicks you can feel them. While the controls are finger tip convertible, to reconcordance the turrets you will require a little tool.

The side focus turret is a nice touch and makes you to focuse easily. The knob performs excelently for maintaining a solid sight picture while making modifications. Another benefit is when winter season hunting you could use the knob while using gloves.

Turret Adjustments

The turrets made of 1/4 MOA controls, but they are adjustable. Completion user can change the 1/4 MOA to smaller sized, more appropriate, ⅛ MOA turrets if they be determined too. The manual outline changing the turrets and it is more simple to do without any special tools, or optic smithing capabilities.

Testing Monarch On The Range

The optic is developed primarily for hunting, and for a marksman platform. The Monarch 3 is better matched for a bolt weapon in my opinion, or possibly a good lever action. I selected the Winchester Model 70, in 30-06 to evaluate the Nikon Monarch out. A timeless platform, in a timeless cartridge, with a modern scope appeared like an excellent situation. The 30-06 is an effective round so we ‘d get a great idea of the scope’s resilience. The Monarch uses a one inch tube, so rings are easy to find, and a lot of high quality examples are offered.

When we struck the variety we began with a simple no, if you have zeroed one scope it means that you have zeroed them all. It was basic, and turret reset was likewise very simple. It was finished with a cent, and took about 3 seconds. The side focus turret was rather useful when getting on target.

Utilizing The Reticle

The Nikon Monarch 3 has it’s reticle in the second focal plane. The second focal airplane means the reticule does not alter size as magnification is increased and reduced. This impacts the Monarch’s reticule in a variety of ways. The Monarch utilizes Nikon’s BDC to estimate variety, so if you do not utilize the proper zoom level the BDC will not be precise. Because the BDC is not called into one specific quality you have to discover out some info.

To resolve this, you use Nikon’s website. Utilizing this app or web you enter in some required info including quality, load, bullet type, so on and so forth. Once it’s all calculated the Spot On app will offer you the necessary details you have to make accurate shots. This is pretty helpful if you intend on switching the optic in between different weapons. Personally I choose a mil dot scope, however this does fill a particular niche.

The optic offers a very clear sight object and is great and brilliant. The 4 inches of eye relief are a nice touch, so you prevent scope eye from powerful qualities, and intending at upward slopes. On the light-weight 30-06 the setup was best. We started at four hundred backyards and started dropping round after round into the target. I made so fast changes because I moved from the bench to the prone.

The optic offered a solid sight image and allowed me to track hits and document my shots in my range book. The optic stayed on target through the day, and even after a few deliberate drops did not lose no. I roughed the optic up a bit, and was impressed by its general performance. Even dumping water on the optic had no impact on its efficiency.

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8.5 Total Score
Sufficient For Most Hunters

It's a well built scope, has incredible clearness and is long lasting and versatile. I dislike to have to rely on an app of offer me accurate load information and what magnification to use, and where the round will fall on the BDC. The scope itself is around 4 hundred and fifty dollars, and it's still in the second focal airplane. I feel at that price I ought to be getting FFP performance.

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