Montague Paratrooper Mountain Folding Bike Review

Montague Paratrooper Mountain Folding Bike Review
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  • Fast and powerful design
  • It's lightweight
  • I'ts great for off-road biking

The military-class Montague Paratrooper mountain folding bike is designed to beat even the most hostile off-road biking trails. Its robust front suspension and sturdy frame provide affirm its strength and toughness for beating rough biking terrains. Its plentiful gears provide a guarantee that downhill rails and off-road biking will not be too troublesome yet still be challenging to the biker. Being a folding bike means that the bike can be stored in a trunk instead of bike rack when transported. With high-quality build and offering high-quality biking features, this folding bike is designed to be biker’s best companion to cross river and dirt trails.

Main Features

Some of the most distinct features this mountain folding bike offers truly make it a special bike in both the mountain bike and folding bike classes.

Sturdy and Lightweight Design

Considering all challenges that a mountain bike has to face in its biking arena, a bike as such necessarily has to be both sturdy and lightweight. This mountain folding bike fulfils such requirement awesomely with its custom drawn 7005 Series Aluminum frame and its perfectly positioned hinge. The hinge that is located on the seat post instead of the main tube typical of most folding bikes allows weight and stress to be distributed evenly and prevents frame flexing during heavy pedaling.

Innovative Folding Features

This bike is designed to be easy to fold. No frame breaking is necessary to fold this bike and the entire folding job can be done very easily in less than 20 seconds, thanks to its Pro Frame, CLIX and FIT technologies. The location of the hinge, which is on the seat post, not only makes this bike sturdy and strong, but also makes it really brief and compact when folded. This is the reason why this bike hardly needs a bike rack when transported. Even a relatively small trunk is enough to store this bike.

Speed and Comfort

With a lot of gears and The CST Critter Knobby tires that are designed for speed, this bike will be exceptionally fast on streets and still powerful on off-road terrains. Biker will also experience extra comfort when riding this bike. The front suspension system allows bike riding to remain reasonably smooth even when on tough terrains. The suspension system can be adjusted and even be turned off completely when the bike is ridden on smooth asphalt. This bike uses innovative disc brake, which improves its safety feature and makes sure that braking will feel steady and convenient. Biker can switch the running bike to a complete stop with a steady and convenient press of the brake handle.

All high-end features that this folding bike offers truly makes it one of the most exclusive bikes in its class. We can conclude the pros and cons of using this bike as follows.


  1. The bike is designed to be fast and powerful with its plenty of gears and comfortable and safe with its disc braking and suspension systems.
  2. The sturdiness of its design is beyond question. Its aluminum body also makes it a lightweight folding bike.
  3. No bike rack is necessary to transport it


  1. Although designed to be a lightweight bike, it is not the least weighty bike in the market.
  2. Its handlebar is rather low. While such design is typical of a mountain bike, it might feel inconvenient for commuters.
  3. The CST Critter Knobby tires, which are great for off-road biking and designed to be fast on streets, might need to be replaced with street tires for smoother and faster biking on streets.
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8 Total Score

Montague Paratrooper mountain folding bike is primarily designed to be a powerful and lightweight off-road bike. Although it can also run well on streets, some of its components, especially its tires, may need to be replaced if this bike will be used for commuting.

  • Fast and powerful design
  • It's lightweight
  • I'ts great for off-road biking
  • Low handlebar, making it feel inconvenient for commuters
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