Mongoose 29 Inch Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

Mongoose 29 Inch Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle
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  • Smooth riding
  • Terrific stopping power even in negative condition
  • Cheap prices with good quality

Most people will choose good appearance rather than performance when it comes to choosing the right bike. The Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle comes with style, performance, and also comfort.


The best feature of this Mongoose dual suspension bike is the 29 inches wheels. The size perhaps is the biggest size for mountain bike which, of course, drives customer’s pros and cons opinion; however, some customers find it as attractive features. The large size of the wheels is perfect to increase the bike’s momentum especially when you are going through loose surface or uphill. Why this thing important? The momentum helps you maneuver easily in rough terrain with less effort. The traction power is also increased due to the wheel size and helps you easily roll over rough and rocky terrain in mountain tracks.


The dual suspension indeed draws public attention as it promotes a comfortable ride. The dual full suspension comes with forks on the front and rear wheels which give the rider a more comfortable ride even on rocky and bumpy road. The front suspension fork supports the rider’s upper arms from shock on bumpy road while the rear suspension forks support the lower body and minimalize the possible effect from shocks.


If you are looking for the safest mountain bike; the Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension bicycle is the answer. Using the mechanical disk brake on rear and front wheels, the brakes work more efficient compared to the common linear pull brakes. The advanced brake system makes this bike is the most preferred options among other bikes. This system also gives the rider control over the bike even in risky conditions and, of course, it ensures the safety during the ride.

Due to the brakes system, this bike also has the great stopping power. Besides guarantee the rider’s safety; it also gives ultimate control over the bike even when you are in a dead stoppage in the certain risky situation.

Great Momentum

Another benefit of the massive wheel size is the great traction power which gives you easy maneuverability in the rocky road. Moreover, thanks to the massive wheel size; it increases the bike’s overall momentum. The increasing of the bike’s momentum results in possible cycling with relatively less energy for long distance ride. The massive wheels also give benefit for taller people to ride the bike comfortably without any adjustments.


The saddle is made of soft material to ensure the ride comfort. It is also can be adjusted, shortened or elongated, according to the riders’ height. This is important since the bike will suit both short and tall people. The soft padding material somehow gives massage feeling which, of course, adds more benefits. The right position of the handlebar gives the comfortable posture especially when you are planning for a long distance ride.

Pros and Cons

If you are wondering what the major drawback of this bike is; the answer is the speed. The Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle comes with 21 speeds of gear shifts. According to the qualities and size, 21 speeds are quite limited and perhaps not a good choice for speed lovers. Of course, this reduces the bike’s performance with the fact that it has advanced momentum and great traction force. Moreover, the tire treading is a little bit shallow which will quickly wear out and increase the skidding chance.

Overall, plenty people quite satisfy with the dual suspension system which ensures the riders’ comfort. The massive wheel size, 29 inches, definitely increase the bike’s performance. Also, not to mention the disk brakes in front and rear wheels in which ensures the safety for stopping.

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7.5 Total Score

For those who still are reluctant to purchase this bike, please keep in mind that we- the customers offer this bike 4/5 star points. With the expense under $500, this bike has so many things to benefit you. More than that, though this bike has its own bads, these disadvantages are quickly solved with some little financial investments. If you are a cyclist who generally ride on typical trails with a few of challenges and have low spending plan, this bike is a clever option!

  • Smooth riding
  • Terrific stopping power even in negative condition
  • Cheap prices with good quality
  • No location for water holder
  • Suspension can be bumpy when you are riding in faster speed
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