Mongoose 26 Inch Men’s Maxim Bicycle Review

Mongoose 26 Inch Men’s Maxim Bicycle Review
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  • SRAM twist shifters change gears easily
  • Suspension fork smoothes bumps and increases control
  • Aluminum full suspension frame maximizes comfort and performance

When it comes to choosing the right mountain bike; there are plenty of things to consider. You certainly do no want to waste the time and money for something not so good. However, the Mongoose bike company understands your needs and they produce the Mongoose 26 Inch Men’s Maxim Bicycle. With the relatively affordable price; you can get the good quality bike.


The Mongoose 26 inch Maxim bicycle’s frame is made of aluminum which is the common metal material for the most bikes. The aluminum gives the stable and durable bike for rough terrain. It also relatively affordable in price and can be a good choice for inexpensive choice. Moreover, thanks to the aluminum alloy; the bike becomes relatively lightweight yet strong which allows you to carry it around.


This bike is equipped with SRAM twist shifters for the experience of gear changing easily. Using the Shimano rear derailleur, this Mongoose maxim offers maximal 21-speed options for your thrills. In addition to the amazing speed, the gearshift is never been that easy since it uses the three piece gear shifters.


Using the full dual suspension, this Maxim bike gives you more comfort as well as control over the bike on the various terrains. The full suspension features both front and rear suspension. This is the suitable items for heavy and rough trails. The front suspension rear will support your upper arms weight while the rear suspension bar will support your lower body part. The back suspension works together with the front suspension to absorb heavy duty shock from the rough terrain as well as gives you more comfort and control over the bike.

Pros and Cons

The Mongoose 26 inch Maxim Bicycle receives plenty of good reviews from the previous customers. The 21 speeds options are golden for the speed freaks and the easy gear shifting adds more plus point. For those who love the thrill of tracking down rough terrain or bumpy road, the dual suspension provides the comfort for the rider. The handlebar uses the twist type for the gear shift and obviously it give easiness during the ride. The spring is loaded with isolation which makes it protected from the real wheel. For all those amazing features, surprisingly the bike comes with affordable price.

Despite the good sides; this bikes somehow also has several drawbacks which perhaps can be your consideration when you are choosing one. Some people believe that this bike’s quality is equal with the money you are spending. The wheels, handle grips, and other components come in average to low quality. The derailleurs need regular adjustments. Moreover, the bike is also prone to flip over so easily if you do not control it well. If you pull the front brake stronger than the back brake; this bike will make you jump over the handlebars and drive you straightly to the emergency room. Moreover, the frame is made from aluminum alloy which some people may find it too tough for them.

Since this bike comes with 21 speeds; it is not suitable for children to use as the mountain bike usually has high performance as the road bikes. Before you use all the 21 speeds, it is better to read the manuals for the safety since you will need to hop off the seat when you are about to stop. You should prepare yourself to learn plenty of things when to use this bike. Like the entire complex mountain bike, this Mongoose 26 inch Maxim Bike also requires regular maintenance. So, be prepared to spend some times to maintenance as well as learning to ride the bike correctly.

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7 Total Score

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