Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 Review

The latest fishing kayak from the house of Hobie, the Pro Angler, is a 12 ft long and 36 inches wide kayak and although being smaller than the Pro Angler 14, it has a 500 lb capacity, supports both left and right handed use and it has been designed with a number of excellent features such as

  • Hobie Mirage Drive
  • Turbo Fins
  • Vertical rod holders
  • Flush mounted rod holder
  • Horizontal rod holders
  • A retractable rudder system
  • Vantage seating

Let us take a look at these features -:

Mirage Drive

Their popular pedal-driven propeller system which has reduced the need for paddles is a Hobie favorite and has not been excluded from the Angler 12, the pedal-system has however been upgraded to include the Turbo Fins of which there are three types, the standard fins and then the other two larger fins, all three offer higher speed and reduced paddling effort.

Last update was on: July 20, 2017 12:25 pm

Vantage Seating

The Pro 12 has been fitted with Vantage Seating which is by far one of its best features, it can be adjusted for reclining as well as height (5″ up or down height adjustment) and the seat itself is covered with breathable comfort-mesh. The integrated Boa system is a one handed dial adjustment system which allows for the ultimate lumbar support. When you decide to stand up and fish the seat can be neatly folded and put away and it can be removed for on-shore use.

Retractable Rudder and Storage

The rudder on the PA12 can be lowered and raised singlehandedly using the lockable pull cord located to the right of the cockpit. There is ample storage aboard this small craft, there is a roomy front that is easy to access even while in motion because of the kayaks increased stability and the Angler 12 has the capacity to store up to 7 rods horizontally which can be secured using retractable bungee cords.

There is also a storage compartment in front of the vantage seat that is “twist and seal” which contains two Plano boxes for storing lure and two more larger Plano boxes under the seat. There are also net pouches on either side of the set for storing small items.

Other features include a transducer mount which comes with pre-installed hull cable plugs and:

  • Dual steering- Port/starboard
  • Brass inserts for anchor trolley
  • Anti skid floor mats
  • Mounting board for rods and electronics

The PA 12 weights 120 lb’s and has an overall price of $2899. For the price and the specification, detail of design and over all user experience which has been excellent so far the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 can be safely rated a 4 out of 5. The reason it has been rated as such is because though its performance is excellent it is still a little heavier and larger than what most kayakers are used to but even this has its purpose, the increased size means a larger cockpit and more free area for the vantage seat. However, even though users may hesitate initially because of the PA12 ‘s size once they use it out on the water they are impressed as it exceeds their expectations in almost every area.

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