Gardena 4025-U 15-Inch Lawn Mower Review

Gardena is a Germany based company founded in 1960’s which started its business by selling French garden tools and gained success in no time because of manufacturing simple and intelligent garden equipment. They are associated with the Husqvarna group since 2007. So if you are tired of using gas powered mowers and want something light weight yet efficient, Gardena 4025 Cordless Push Reel Lawn Mower is just right for you.

Key Features:

This Lawn Mower has many attractive features to its credit. Most importantly, it does not have the hassle of fuel tanks and gas fumes. It works quietly and turns your lawns in a golf course. Some of the worth reading features are as follows:

  • Battery Operated: This product works with rechargeable batteries and the battery does not need recharging quickly. Moreover, it can work without the batteries also just as a normal reel lawn mower.
  • LED Display: As facilitated with LED Display unit, battery charging requirement is indicated.
  • Adjustable Cutting: Now cutting height can be determined according to your needs and demands with the help of a handy controller and cutting height scale. Excellent quality blades cut against a metal edge and allow much easier clearance.
  • Ideal for Smaller yards: This mower is ideal and best suitable for smaller lawns and yards. Light in weight and easy handling for everyone.
  • Easy Handling: Its handle is designed as such to minimize physical effort and at the same time maximizing efficiency. So it needs little effort from the pusher and does rest of the work itself. Senior citizens also find it easy to work with. In addition, the power switch is placed at a convenient point.
  • Auto Detailing Brush: Cleaning of the mower after it cleans your lawn can easily be done with auto detailing brush that comes with the mower.
  • Grass Catcher: The grass catcher helps in collecting the cut grass so later on grass heaps don’t have to be gathered by you.
  • Replaceable Battery: Its 25 V lithium-ion battery is quite powerful has a good performance and long life. Furthermore, it can be replaced.
  • Warranty: Gardena offers one year parts and labor warranty on all its products. After the period of one year, Gardena repair service will give a free estimate of repair for the parts and labor required for any fault in any of Gardena products.
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Overall Review and Verdict:

If you have quarter acre lawn and your limbs do not give you much support now, Gardena 4025 Push Reel Lawn Mower is the best lawn mower for you. It is so light weight that senior citizens can easily push it. Absence of gas and fuel tank cleaning hassle is also a big plus. Easy to maneuver, easy to clean, what else can we want?

  • Battery operated
  • LED Display
  • Light weight
  • Good for small yards
  • Choose your favorite height cut
  • Grass Catcher
  • Auto detailing brush
  • Easy to move handle
  • One year warranty 
  • Few people had problems with customer service staff, and one user complained about a mechanical issue of wheel screws.
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