Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Under 800 US Dollars On The Market

Sick of purchasing gaming desktop computer’s that looks excellent however can’t truly play severe games? I understand your desire to purchase a PC that can do the job very well. This pro guide provides a rather lists of Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Under 800 Dollars which blows your mind away.

In the occasion that you’re a fan of PC gaming, nevertheless, you have a limitation on your spending budget, you are able to have an appearance at of our verse. After looking for info on Amazon online market, we identify their downsides and benefits for you to make a choice easier. All the details originate from those remarks of purchasers and the explanations of products. We’ve looked at a set of much popular and carefully find all these remarkable video gaming Computers for under $800. They all are affordable and worth to buy.

Best Prebuilt Gaming Pc Under 800 Dollars: Our Top Picks Of 2017


Main Features

This Xtreme VR GXiVR8020A is operated for you to manage your video game without the volume of a conventional gaming PC. It has the Intel i5-6402P 2.8 GHz Quad Core processing machine to optimize multi tasking ability. As an outcome, you enjoy the videos far better than other PCs. Besides, This Xtreme VR GXiVR8020A draws you into an immersive room of visuals and colors that others can’t.


Loud, ear-pleasing and precise sound.

The CYBERPOWERPC brings your video gaming more advance through audio with suppressive visuals away. SonicMaster takes you into the battle with a mix of audio and hardware uniquely. CYBERPOWERPC AudioWizard music processing uses an additional layer with more over five customizable modes.

Armed for Victory

This best prebuilt gaming PC under 800 dollars gets the process to handle the demanding tasks from operating the most recent video games in crystal-clear UHD quality.


  1. This CYBERPOWERPC is not developed with visible exterior side to keep it looking clean and sharp: While active cooling makes the most of 2 internal parts to further improve dissipation that controls heat, making this prebuilt gaming PC under 800 dollars ideal for marathon game-playing sessions.
  2. This CYBERPOWERPC owns a vibrant function that designs a matte-black end: Across the chassis, personalized lighting influence showcases over 8 million colors. It reflects the feel of your playing games to enhance your experience to an entire brand-new level.
  3. Excellent devil character that other PCs do not have: Everyone who plays the game know it crucial to be in playing environment. This cheap gaming PC under 800 offers you such experience since it is compiled with two great colour which excites you.
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Acer Predator AG-710-UR54

prebuilt gaming pc under 800

Acer is an old and popular brand name. The minute you see this series of desktop, you will be surprised because of its shape, due to the fact that it’s so stereoscopic. After that, you will realize that it’s such a best prebuilt gaming PC under 800 dollars. Every detail in it reveals that play with it! This Predator AG3-710-UR54 provides a good vision and hearing!

The Highlight:

  • Perfect shape: Once you see it, you will desire to play games with it.
  • High-End Devices: IceTunnel cooling system and innovative processor and so on offer a great gaming impression.
  • So numerous ports: It has 6 USB3.0 ports and 2USB2.0 ports.
  • Others: high resolutions, solid fortress, and creative sound blaster.

Client Complaints

  • Since its perfect, the cost is a little high.
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CyberpowerPC SLC8280A

gaming pc under 800

Make sure to obtain the pinnacle of video gaming efficiency if you are prepared to buy a CyberpowerPC Gamer Supreme series of high-end gaming computers. This CyberpowerPC includes processing power integrated with the best and most current graphics cards to deal with even the most requiring video games.


  • Big storage: CyberpowerPC gaming desktop is sure to have a large storage in order to reach a high speed.
  • Over 10 connection ports: Ten connectivity ports help you get in touch with others quickly.
  • High innovation: Intel i7-6700K Quad-Core and Intel Z170.
  • Others: Available cost, tech support, and cool appearance.


  • Sometimes it might have some small problems, however, it will be repaired up very soon.
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The CYBERPOWERPC GUA570 is probably one of the finest video gaming Computer under 1000 dollar. There are a couple of points each and every video game player will delight in connecting to this video gaming Computer. Of all, it includes a very simple setup. This is truly crucial particularly for newbies who might not discover where to begin. Furthermore, it assists you to conserve hard earned money which would well be made use of to obtain technical assistance.

The other unbelievable point about this video gaming Computer would be the reality it features an incredibly effective processor, Which suggests you won’t need to wait excessive time for info processing just like some other gaming Computer. The cooling system on this pre-built video gaming PC is another point that makes it excellent. It ensures all of the heat is gotten rid of to assist keep things working efficiently.

Specifications To Think To Get The Best Gaming Pc Under 800 Dollars

◎ Graphics Card

As graphics card is the owning force behind video gaming efficiency, you are supposed to think about the most powerful one under your spending plan. When it pertains to graphics card selection, presently the biggest chipmakers are AMD and NVIDIA. At present, AMD’s R9 280X or the faster R9 290 will deliver you an excellent video gaming experience. Even the worst one can provide you a speed over 60 fps at 1920 by 1080 pixels in many of the cases. Absolutely NVIDIA is a strong rival, whose GeForce GTX 780 uses a slightly greater frame rates. However, the actual performance will also depend upon the video game you play because software optimizations in the games can tip efficiency of the particular brand name.

Although graphics card is the most expensive element in a gaming PC, skimp on it is not sensible since it is of essential importance to PC gaming. If you ask me a slower processor plus a much better graphics card or the otherwise, I will choose the previous one without hesitation. However, something needs to be born in mind is that you have to match the performance between the processor and graphics card in order to maximize both and prevent bottlenecks.

If you want to save cash you can select a factory-overclocked graphics card which has a lower base spec. They will run the memory and graphics processing chips a bit quicker than basic cards and utilize outstanding cooling systems. Dual-card is likewise a good choice, which depends upon the prices of the cards. Currently, none of the suppliers select this solution.

◎ Processor.

Even though computer gaming experience mainly depends on the graphics card, a central processing unit is an important part of a PC.

Thinking about overall efficiency at an affordable price, the Intel Core i7 is rather a nice option. If your budget plan is not that hard, you can pick the Core i5 for a supreme power which processes double the variety of threads. The improvement is a little bit when it comes to video gaming speeds.

PCMark 7 benchmark is utilized to quantify the general efficiency of every PC. At present, as many PC suppliers are providing the exact same box of bits, in essence, the differences come largely to the level of overclocking in addition to the pick of SSD and using quick memory. The general PCMark 7 rating also include the efficiency of graphics cards for non-gaming jobs i.e. transforming in between different video formats.

◎ Cooling system.

If you do not want your well-performed CPU to get too hot, forced cooling is vital and significance, especially for prebuilt gaming PC under $800. Liquid-cooling systems can decrease fan noise and offer greater cooling capability compared to air flow alone. At the exact same time, the dust filters which are attached to a computer’s fans will assist to minimize the debris that obstructs up games machines. Otherwise, it will make them run even louder and hotter. If it is necessary, you can equip with fan controllers and internal cable management aids airflow to lower sound or boost cooling.


As for displays, you require one that is large, clear and can offer a quick reaction time. Twisted nematic panels offer you with fastest action times while currently in-plane switching panels are very quick and provide better color reproduction. Other non-gaming users of the PC will likewise take advantage of their larger viewing angles.

Console players would prefer a screen which has numerous HDMI inputs so that they can hook it approximately their PC and make switches in between them.

The keyboard and mouse add to your video gaming efficiency. A high-resolution mouse and backlighting keyboard with programmable keys are a good choice.

A more immersive experience can be reached through a gaming soundcard with lowered sound and enhanced audio fidelity. Exactly, what’s more, a gaming headset including an integrated mic is required.

So, are you ready to pick one of the best prebuilt gaming PC under 800 dollars? We hope this article help you a lot.

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