5 Best Mountain Bikes Under 1,000 US Dollars (UPDATED)

What are the best mountain bikes under 1000? There are people wandering and asking this particular question for the obvious reason of wanting to get the brand new and good mountain bikes. The word best is subjective per individual. Therefore, it is possible to find someone who satisfied with a particular mountain bike being the best but another person will disagree. One thing for sure, everyone seek for maneuverability, comfort, sturdy construction and of course the affordable pricing. Here in this article, there are several recommendations of mountain bikes thought as the best by almost everyone who purchased the bikes.

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Diamondback Bicycles 27.5-Inch – Wheel full Suspension Mountain Bike

best mountain bikeA lot of bikers simply love this mountain bike and even considered is as one of the best mountain bikes. This entry level mountain bike is an excellent choice and will become good investment. It is very easy to handle the bike while biking on the terrains of the mountain with its 27.5-inch of wheels. Assembling every part of it won’t be a difficult thing and can be done easily. The suspensions allow bikers to feel more comfort as well as control the bike more precisely. The brake system is also a great thing especially because safety feature needs to be checked no matter what.

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Montague Paratrooper Mountain Folding Bike

Best Mountain Folding Bike

Designed for its ability to be folded, this one mountain bike becomes a very special bike between the selections of top mountain bikes under 1000. The bike itself was claimed to be initially designed for airborne soldiers. Hence, it was designed to be folded easily within just 20 seconds without using tools. The bike is small and light weighted. It makes the bike a truly great option for the people who have rather small parking place or small storage. It is also perfect for some people who prefer mobility and intend to keep the bike in a car for a trip somewhere.

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Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Best Electric Mountain BikeMost people know the electric bicycles being the ones usually ridden on the smooth surface of road. But this mountain bike is indeed an electric bike. It has a lithium ion battery that will last for 30 miles and the battery can be recharged from time to time. It is easy to be used and can be operated with 3 modes. Certainly, the electric feature is not really useful when crossing terrains and overtaking obstacles. However, imagine how relaxing it would be riding without pedaling after mountain biking activity is done. This can be considered as best mountain bikes for under 1000.

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Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard tail Mountain Bike

Best Hard tail Mountain Bike Under 1000

This is a great choice for the people who prefer a mountain bike with hardtail. Just by looking at it, many people will agree that this one mountain bike has good and sexy looking design while being sturdy in build. The aluminum frame looks very sturdy while the 27.5-inch wheels are good to overcome big obstacles. Handling and controlling the bike won’t be a difficult thing to be done. It has great suspensions along with the good brake system that will make it even worthier to be considered. This mountain bike is meant to be an entry level. Beginners will find it a great one and even consider it as the best mountain bikes under 1000.

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Diamondback Recoil 29er Mountain Bike

Best Full Suspension Montain Bike Under 1000There is no need to be all confuse on choosing the great mountain bike amongst the best bikes. This one full suspension mountain bike looks great and very sturdy as well. The bike comes with 29-inch wheels for those who prefer larger wheels while riding the bike. Assembling every part of it won’t be a difficult thing to be done. Bikers will only need to assemble the remaining 20% of the bike because 80% of the bike has been assembled prior to shipment. It is a quality mountain bike with really good suspension and of course affordable price.

Things to Be Considered When You Want to Buy a Mountain Bike


Are you a beginner or experienced biker? How long is your average biking? How do you usually ride your bike? What is your style in riding bike? On what terrain you will ride your bike? There are many questions regarding you as the rider. Knowing how you will ride your bike is a good thing and necessary in choosing the best mountain bikes for you.

The Types of Mountain Bikes

There are three types of bikes: no suspension, full suspension and hardtail. A mountain bike without suspension is not recommended unless you wish to experience the uncomfortable ride. It’d be better to choose full suspension or hardtail. The full suspension mountain bikes have suspensions on both wheels with more control and comfort for the bikers (and more expensive). It is great to be ridden upon the quick and rough dirt trail. The hardtail bikes at the other hand use the front suspension fork that will be great to reduce the fatigue of arms and hands. It also enhances the control while you ride on rough terrain.

Wheel Size

When you browse for the best mountain bikes for under 1000, you will notice that the wheel sizes for adult are ranging from 26-inches to 29-inches. As aforementioned, 27.5-inches size is considered being the best wheel size especially to overcome larger obstacles. 26-inches wheel considered as adequate. Meanwhile, the 29ers will be slightly heavier and will accelerate at slower rate but will allow excellent traction, swift momentum and ease in overcoming obstacles.


Safety needs to come first. The good mountain bikes are the ones with excellent brake system that will be consistent. Disk brakes are common and consistent but replacement and maintenance can be difficult and expensive. Rim brakes are more economical as well as cheaper but less powerful and less efficient.

Materials of Bike Frame

Price, weight, ride quality, longevity and strength of a mountain bike are affected by frame materials. A lot of mountain bikes use aluminum as frame. Aluminum is common choice. It’s light, affordable and sturdy enough. Titanium is tough and light but expensive. The same thing goes for carbon fiber. Meanwhile, steel is cheap, strong and smooth but heavy.


Some people don’t really care about brands but it is suggested for you to consider brands those have reputation for good quality. There are a lot of brands can be found out there such as the few ones listed in this articles.


Finding best mountain bikes under 1000 is not particularly difficult. Follow the guides above and find your own ideal mountain bike. One last suggestion, try the bike before you make a purchase.

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