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Hot tubs are little pools or larger tubs which is filled by heated water and are mostly utilized for enjoyment or hydrotherapy. Few hot tubs incorporate jets in order to facilitate massage. These are also referred to as spas. Unlike typical bath tubs, these hot tubs can be used by several people at a time and mostly they are used outdoors. It is important to note here that the water in these tubs is not changed after each use but kept sanitary by applying the methods used to disinfect the swimming pool water. Following are hot tub reviews highlighting the efficiency of top selling units.

Our Top List Of Outdoor Hot Tub:

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Massage Set

Best Hot Tub ReviewsIntex 77in PureSpa enables you to spoil yourself in very enjoyable warm water which is surrounded by bubble jets. This tub is capable of providing enhanced pleasure to four people at a time upon touching a single button. It incorporates user friendly control panel which is used to activate 120 soothing bubble jets having enhanced power. These bubble jets surround the interior of spa in order to provide much relaxing massage. This tub has following features.

Heat Loss Prevention

This product incorporates the lock along with an insulated cover in order to minimize heat loss. This can also be considered as an additional safety feature.

Water Treatment System

This tub has in-built system for treating hard water. The purpose of adding this system is to make the water gentler on skin for providing you an enhanced soothing experience. As a result, the overall level of comfort provided by this tub gets significantly enhanced.

Easy to Maintain

This portable hot tub is very simple and easy to maintain. It incorporates two very easy to replace filter cartridges in order to provide you refreshing and clean spa water without much labor or complexity.

Enhanced Features

This hot tub incorporates number of useful tools and features including floating pool chlorine dispenser, heating system, two filter cartridges, three way test strip, inflation hose, thermal ground cloth and carry bag.

Seating Capacity

This tub can easily accommodate four people simultaneously. It has water capacity of 210 gallons and it allows the users to adjust the temperature from 68 degree to 104 degree.

This is one of the best hot tubs which can easy be afforded without having much load on the pocket. It has the capability of accommodating four adults at a time. It is highly portable and inflatable tub which can easily be employed both outdoors and indoors within few minutes. It doesnt need any professional installation or specific tools. It provides 104 degree F soothing water temperature along with massage jets to provide you terrific relaxation after working for whole day or for soaking your sore muscles. Following are its main features.

Enhanced Durability and Strength

This hot tub is made from TriTech material. This is 3-ply reinforced material which comprises of polyester mesh core that is encased in the two layers of laminated PVC. This material provides higher durability and strength which is not available in several hot tubs available in the market.

Easy to Setup and Deploy

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami hot tub is a highly respectable product among the best hot tubs which is very easy to set up and deploy. No specific tools or professional training is required in order to use this tub and everyone can set it up within minutes without facing much complexity or hurdles.

Sturdy Construction

This product has specially constructed walls which provide enhanced reliability and strength because of employing I-Beam construction which proves to be reasonably puncture resistant. The tub makes it possible for the users to sit on the sides of the tub without any risk of buckling or bending. As a result, this tub is considered to be far more superior in performance as compared to others tubs of same class.

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M Spa Model B-90 Tub

M Spa Model B-90 Tub

There is no comparison to something like coming home after working very hard for the whole day and getting into a spa hot tub to enjoy and relax. You can employ it wherever you want including balcony, garden or under the stars. If you need cheaper but efficient hot tub, then M Spa Apline is the best portable hot tub you can get. It possesses following features.

Terrific Massage Effect

This product incorporates efficient and powerful jets to provide you nice and comfortable massage effect. When the user fires it up, it provides the true feeling of high quality hot tub. There is no sound of bubbles that can be heard when the user is using it. It relies on the heat generated from the pump to heat up the water. It employs 1.5 KW heaters which is capable of heating up on average 1.5 to 2 degrees in an hour. This tub can reach up to 104 degrees of maximum temperature. If you want to heat up the water quickly, you are required to fill this tub with hot water initially so that it can be ready to use within few hours.

Comfortable, Strong, Easy to Maintain and Use

This hot tub is made up of laminated PVC employing three layers which make it a solid inflatable tub which doesnt make you bother about falling or tearing. It is extremely reliable product and can be safely and conveniently used by active children. It has built in patented control box which incorporates touch buttons to provide convenient operation. This control box can be easily used while sitting in the tub and you can adjust the bubble jets without leaving the comfort of the warm tub. Its a well-made product which is reasonably sturdy and efficiently prevents water or air leakage.

Homax Portable Hot Tub

The Homax Spa is one of the best hot tubs which are made up of strong fabric cloth and PVC. It employs a zipped thermal cover in order to keep the spa warm even at the time it is not being used. The puncture resistant stuff and inside vertical beam ensures terrific level of comfort, durability and support. Following are the key features of this tub.

Easy to Install

This tub can be placed anywhere including patio, your back yard or garden. Itdoesnt require much time to get installed. It is one touch install sort of product and you just have to take out the spa and start using it. You can start watching the spa getting inflated within minutes. You can fill the spa by using your garden hose, turn the filter on along with the heater and you can immediately start enjoying this terrific product.


This hot tub comes with twelve month warranty regarding control panel, six month warranty for the body of spa pool and twelve month warranty for entire control box.

Bubble Jets

This hot tub incorporates 130 high powered bubble jets which surrounds the whole interior of the spa in order to provide you refreshing massage. It enables you to enjoy tub soak and help in soothing your aching or tired muscles by providing wonderful full body massage.

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M Spa Model B-130 Camaro Hot Tub

It is recommended by many users in their hot tub reviews. It is capable of handling four people at a time. It is not only elegant and charming but also incorporates several much demanded features. It is made up oftough premium synthetic leather. It provides exhilarating experience whenever you use it. Here are its features.

Efficient Inflation

This hot tub incorporates extremely efficient inflation system which enables you to inflate the spa within few minutes. Just connect the pipe at both ends and press the button for bubble. The system will automatically inflate the spa within very short time on its own.

In-Built Heater

This portable hot tub employs in-built heater which enables the spa to raise the temperature by 1.5 to 2 degree per hour. It can attain the maximum temperature of 104 degrees F.

Durable and Strong

This hot tub is built using durable and strong I-beam body structure which consists of several independent air chambers in order to provide solid and rigid body to the spa. Its shell is made up of synthetic PVC leather.

11 Bubble Jets

One of the most important aspectsof the spa is the jet system it employs. This hot tub incorporates one horsepower air blower which is used to power 110 air bubble jets in order to generate a handsome stream of air bubbles throughout the tub in order to provide maximum relaxation to the body of the user after tough job or intense workout.

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The above hot tub reviews are provided to make you familiar with the best hot tubs of the world. All the above products are high quality tubs and you can go ahead with purchasing any of these tubs without any fear or hesitation. However, it is not necessary to rely solely on the above reviews. You can read more reviews regarding various hot tubs available in the market in order to make much better decision regarding the purchase of the tub.

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