Best Baitcasting Rod Under $100 You Must Take A Closer Look

If you wish to conserve time, this page will inform you all you need to know about the best baitcasting rod under 100 US Dollars on the marketplace. FYI, Baitcasting rods have been around for some time. They are traditional fishing tools, with a basic system and fitted for those who enjoy investing their time with their friends for fishing. After researching through lots of offers and products available for sale, we have reached the conclusion that the finest baitcasting rod under 100 US Dollars is the Rippin Lips Super Cat since it is a highly constructed product, that will make sure resistance even when submitted to increase pressure. It is made using high-quality elements which include to the overall endurance of the item. In addition, the split grip design is very useful for bump casting. Nevertheless, if this item is out of stock, you can safely consider the Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Rod as a second best option.

To offer you with a complete fishing rod guide, we have also selected some products, that we have discovered are present in the top baitcasting rod that you can buy online, and that are equipped with features fit for all fishing conditions and species.

Rippin Lips Super Cat

Baitcasting rodWhen you first set your eyes on this item, you can see the quality of its material and elements. The rod is 7-feet long, therefore it can handle the majority of fishing circumstances.

It is fitted with an artificial split grip, for better weight distribution and so that you are able to get a hold of your rod with both hands when the fish bites.

Developed with S-glass (a newer variation of fiberglass), a product specifically developed for fishing rods, this item offers great resilience and resistance, being two times as strong as the more typically come across E-glass. You will not have the ability to miss the quality of the 8 +1 guides, chrome plated and epoxy finished to withstand water damage.

The increased number of guides will guarantee the perfect positioning of your line, while their glowing-in-the-dark residential or commercial property will enable you to identify any movement and vibration even in the dark.


This 7-ft pole ought to be one of the products you remember when prospecting the marketplace for a good-quality baitcasting rod. It’s equipped with a synthetic split grip and has been constructed of S-glass, a fiberglass variation that has been revealed to last longer and to provide more resistance and resilience. Its 8 +1 chrome plated, epoxy-finished guides are a sight for aching eyes.


A number of owners have actually reported that they would have liked it if the pole could have been broken down into several pieces for ease of transportation.

Bottom Line

Providing outstanding value for the cost, this rod is a great idea if you’re searching for a good friend in need.

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Abu Garcia Vengeance

best baitcasting rodIf you are searching for a 7 feet rod, rigged out with a split grip, but at a little cost, you can trust the Abu revenge item to do its task perfectly.The split grip is constructed of a synthetic material, and the rear manage has a brief length, providing a smaller holding surface area.

However, this baitcasting rod is configured to be medium-heavy or heavy power, so it is suited for bigger types. That is when the front grip enters into the image, permitting you to strongly maintain the rod while struggling to land the fish and not leaving it to escape back into the water.

The rod is versatile, as it has graphite as its primary part– the most practical substance to utilize when you require excellent bending capabilities in a fishing rod, completed by an ultra-light structure. To avoid rust, the rod, as well as all the other elements are aluminum covered.


The Abu Garcia Vengeance is meant for heavier and larger fish species as it has been designed to be a medium or heavy power rod that raises up to par when it comes to the strength and resistance it requires to have. Regardless of its power, the pole is reasonably versatile thanks to its ultra-light structure. The majority of the parts of this item are aluminum covered to withstand deterioration.


Just like other items in the line, some anglers would have liked it if this specific item hadn’t been a 1-piece option.

Bottom Line

Because it’s one of the most affordable choices out there, this Abu Garcia model is worth thinking about especially when it comes to option of choosing the best baitcasting rod under 100.

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Falcon Rods Coastal

Baitcasting rod under 100This is among the best items on the marketplace in this cost variety. The graphite structure offers lots of benefits and possibilities: outstanding versatility, power, and resistance, for that reason you can use it to capture a fantastic range of species, without worrying that the product might break.

Due to the superior length of the rod of 7.6 feet, you can utilize it for coastal fishing, the item being capable of casting country miles with minimum effort, protecting better possibilities for a great catch.

The rod is fitted with quality Fuji ended up guides, that won’t break, wear away or bend easily. It uses the Double Flex technology finishes, to avoid damage even in saltwater.

You will value the long natural cork manage that makes this currently light structured item seem feathery, and that will use you remarkable control, and non-slip qualities, for the situations when your hands are wet.


Efficiency, resistance, and excellent versatility are all natural qualities of this unit, which is why you’ll be able to utilize the very same rod for targeting several species. It’s longer than other alternatives as it measures 7 feet 6 inches, however, this information makes it the ideal option for seaside fishing. This long-lasting rod is loaded with a Double Flex technology and Fuji completed guides.


A couple of mishaps relating to the shipment of this item have actually happened gradually, however, owners returned the item and got another.

Bottom Line

If you’re aiming to get your hands on a versatile baitcasting pole, you might like utilizing the Falcon Rods Coastal system.

Last update was on: August 17, 2017 5:22 am
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Best Baitcasting Rod Under $100 Buying guide

The baitcasting rod market is overfilled with lots of items and alternatives which is why, the following buying guide that we have actually assembled for you, will highlight the characteristics you ought to be taking notice of if you wish to make an excellent acquisition.


There are 2 basic materials utilized in producing baitcasting rods: graphite and fiberglass. Due to the reality that each of them includes various residential or commercial properties, in an attempt to reunite them, models incorporating both materials have actually appeared on the marketplace. Both are wise choices, fiberglass is the most resistant and resilient. Even if graphite is a strong material too, its strength is on its flexibility and that is why it ranks first in anglers’ preferences. Nowadays, the technological and chemical processes through which they are gotten and prepared for usage have increased and have actually ended up being increasingly more advanced, changing easy fishing rods in strong and long lasting tools, no matter what the combination of materials is.

Grip style and material

Recently, the split grip has actually won terrific appeal amongst baitcasting rods manufacturers. The split grip has actually 2 divided sections, one at the end of the rod and one placed more to the front, with space in between them. The factor for this positioning is to disperse weight equally so that holding the product is more comfortable. Nevertheless, the drawback of this style is that it leaves a part of the rod exposed to scratching. Anyhow, you can constantly adhere to the classic, one-piece deal with that is as efficient as its more recent version. There is no such thing as the very best grip product. Handles come in a lot of artificial versions and natural cork, the latter being the most made use of, due to its lightweight structure and visual appearance.

The rod’s length

Baitcasting rods come in a considerable length range. Going for the longest is not the way to go if you desire to land a correct rod. What you need to do, is consider the scenarios and settings where you will find yourself, to know exactly what type of rod you require. If you are fishing on a medium height lakeshore, a typical 6.6 feet to 7.0 feet rod ought to be enough for you to cast an excellent distance. However, when the conditions need it, and you have to cast longer ranges, you require at least a 9 feet rod.


The power of the rod is directly linked to the weight of the types of fish you want to catch. The ultra-light/light ones are suitable for small types such as crappie, panfish or bluegill. The medium type is best for species like bass or trout, the medium-heavy/ heavy are matched for larger fish: pike, snook, salmon, tuna, and so on and, the extra-heavy ones you can use on tuna or halibut.

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