7 Best Gaming Laptops Under $1,000

Anytime you feel like playing modern games on a laptop with reasonable settings, the list filled with the best gaming laptop under $1000 can certainly be a consideration. All of these laptops can allow you to play the games in medium to high settings. But you cannot expect magical high-end graphics from this laptop but at least it is good enough to play the latest high-end games that you love so much. With the fact that less than $1000 is enough to afford the latest gaming laptop is fact that the serious gamers is crazy about. It promises performance that is as good as high-end personal computer can provide.

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So, what type of gamers you consider yourself? Basically, both casual and serious gamers will find any of these recommended laptops fits their need. The design is captivating while the performance is seriously killing. Moreover, the extras that the laptops guarantee are somehow unlimited to make sure every gamer completely enjoys their time playing their favorite games. Functionality is one thing that every laptop listed here promises. This way, the gamers will always find endless excitement while playing. Of course, graphics quality follows the functionality. High-end game doesn’t feel sophisticated if it isn’t played in a device with high-end graphics quality. This is basically the main reason why the laptops do their best efforts to bring magical graphics quality.

Let’s talk about the best brands for these laptops. Good news is almost every brand has its own unit of best gaming laptop under $1000. It includes Acer, Asus, MSI, Lenovo and Dell. Those are the most trusted brands that any gamers should consider. They have years of experience in manufacturing gaming laptops and are always committed to improve the level of satisfaction of the gamers. Can’t wait to check out the best laptops for gaming under $1000 in 2017? Check out the quick customer-based review below.

ASUS K501UW-AB78 Full-HD Gaming Laptop

Best Gaming Laptops Under $1,000

ASUS is one of the leading laptop manufacturers offering one best gaming laptop under $1000. This time, Asus brings the Full HD Gaming Laptop K501UW-AB78 that has been specially designed with full functionality. Here is the truth. This particular laptop may not be the thinnest or the lightest, but it definitely is a robust laptop that has been built from high quality material with premium finish. In a glimpse, its texture metal finish completed with rounded corners is sophisticated. It is easy for this laptop to stand out in the crowd thanks to its chassis with tasteful silver tones and plastic-made cohort.

Under the hood, this best budget gaming laptop is manufactured with quality hardware for excellent performance. It comes with Intel Core i7-6500U 6th generation dual core processor with range of frequency between 2.5 to 3.1 GHz. It has 15 watt of thermal design power and 4 megabyte of cache size. It gets even more interesting in its system memory. 8GB onboard DDR4 SDRAM is soldered to its motherboard. But, this laptop still allows expansion through the use of SO-DIMM socket. This way, the amount of memory can be doubled. Its display is never disappointment as well. With 15.6 inch, it can display full HD quality of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It means the display covers around 45% of the entire NTSC color gamut. In other words, it delivers pretty standard accurate colors. The display quality is also supported with Asus Splendid Technology that works to adjust and enhance the settings for deeper contrast and more vibrant colors. There are 4 different modes available including eye care mode, manual mode, vivid mode and normal mode.

Furthermore, there are several other extras that this laptop offers. For instance, it has dual fan cooling system for more efficient cooling down when running demanding programs or gaming. IceCool Technology is added to make sure the palm rest stay cools when being used. SonicMaster on the other hand brings more defined and clearer sound. Thanks to this extra that the highs notes become crisper and the low becomes deeper. And its backlit chiclet keyword is available to make minimize any mistakes when you are typing pretty fast using the keyboard.

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Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK FHD Laptop

Best gaming laptop under 1000

It’s time for Dell to bring out its best gaming laptop under $1000. Let’s start with the pros and cons first before checking out the detailed features and systems of this particular laptop. It offers a number of plus including solid gaming performance, affordable price, backlit keyboard, 1TB hard drive and 1080 pixels of display. It does have some weaknesses including tinny speakers when playing highest volume and heavy built. Those are hints of this laptop that will take you further into its details as explained below.

From the outside, this best laptops for gaming under $1000 is hefty and a bit larger compared to other laptops with the same display size. Well, maybe angular design is the reason behind it. It may not be the thinnest laptop but it does feel sturdy with well built. Its exterior design comes with entirely black plastic layer added with Dell logo in red flourishes and trim around fan vents, touchpad, rubber feet and speaker. Overall, the design feels nice especially because of the rubberized keyboard deck.

Offered for less than $1000, Dell Inspiron FDH Laptop i7559-2512BLK offers solid performance and powerful system. Providing smooth gaming experience is not something hard for this laptop thanks to its Full HD display with highest setting and the GTX 960M Nvidia GeForce graphics card. These features have made the laptop becomes one among the most anticipated entry-level gaming laptops. It is considerably easy for the laptop to handle most entertainment tasks and other demanding works. When being tested on 3D Mark Cloud Gate, it scored 12.950 points. Meanwhile, when being tested on Fire Strike Extreme, it scored 1.992. Those two scores are pretty good. This laptop doesn’t disappoint as well when is being tested on Heaven and Valley. It can reach 74 fps at Medium quality setting. With these details of performance, running games at highest settings is nothing difficult because this laptop has been built to do so.

Given with those details of features and systems, this best budget gaming laptop, Dell Inspiron laptop definitely makes an excellent value laptop with productive performance and good gaming at reasonable price. For those reasons, it is only normal that a lot of serious gamers decide to purchase this laptop instead of others.

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Acer Aspire VX 15 Gaming Laptop – 16GB DDR4

Best Gaming Laptop

Here comes the third best gaming laptop under $1000. It offers a number of plus including strong speakers, responsive keyboard and above average battery life. But it has some weaknesses as well such as tons of bloatware, bland display and few good storage options. It may not be a perfect gaming laptop due to too little storage and poor screen, but it still makes a solid gaming laptop in budget. Let’s check out the detailed features of this laptop for full consideration.

Of the 7 best gaming laptops under 1000 we reviewed here, this Acer Aspire laptop is the cheapest one. So, yes, it is only normal when this laptop is not as sophisticated as other laptops. It has typical Acer design, thin and sophisticated. This time, it comes with added red accents on its rear-space ship vents, keyboard backlight, lid creases, border around the touch pad and on its WASD keys. Its lid design is interesting as it appears like supercar-like winged design with hinge in the middle. Brushed black plastic with metal style is used to make the lid. From some angles, this laptop even looks like comic book. Overall, it is well built thanks to sturdy screen and minimal flex.

When it comes to performance, this best gaming laptop under 1,500 has pretty good result thanks to Intel Core i5-7300 HQ processor, GTX 1050 Nvidia GeForce, 16GB DD4 RAM, 1TB hard disk, 4GB graphics memory and 128GB SSD. These hardware units allow the laptop to offer sensible hard disk scrapping swap. It may not be as powerful as laptop with Intel Core i7 processor but it considerably is pretty good for playing high-end games. When being test in its benchmark, it scored 9995 in Geekbench 4 while in PC Mark Home, it score 3509. The result has made this laptop has the same power as the Asus ROG GL553V laptop which also has the same display size.

Meanwhile, the battery life of this laptop is not really a strong point. It may not be an awful one but it is not as excellent as other laptops in the segment. In average, it can last for around 7 hours in light use that involves video playback and web browsing. So, when it is used for gaming, it may be able to last for only 3-5 hours top.

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ASUS ZX53VW 15.6 Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptop under 1000

It is never a disappointment when Asus offers one of its products according this best laptop for gaming under $1000. This time, this best gaming laptop under 1,500 has great connectivity features, high quality display, sturdiness and a variety of other attributes. In a glimpse, this laptop has pretty amazing design with stylish look. It comes with F-22 stealth lines on the body completed with narrow metallic chassis and angled surfaces. These details make the laptop very eye-catching and impressive. And, it also looks sturdy and robust at the same time thanks to the imposing structure. Jet black color is chosen to make the laptop more sophisticated and elegant.

As for its performance, it also is not a disappointment. It comes as excellent device that is able to perform multiple tasks without any major issues. It is powered with Intel Core Processor 6th generation to allow quick performance. Its 512GB SSD is the reason behind its ability to load times faster and more excellent gaming performance. When you choose to use this laptop, it is almost certainty that you do not have to worry about any lag issues because its GameFirst III technology is specially added to eliminate such issues. This way, the laptop can be used in ease. Another important feature offered by this Asus laptop is display quality. It is supported with Nvidia GeForce graphics card that allows brilliant display quality for high-end gaming. We all know how quality display is significant when it comes to gaming. The better the display and graphics quality, the better the gaming experience is.

Given with all those features, there are several best pluses available for all gamers. Excellent general performance is the first plus while sturdy keyboard and well-built body is the second plus. And like most other Asus products, sleek and stylish design has always been a plus. So, it is only normal that this laptop looks fancy and sophisticated. In fact, its design is better compared to other laptops in its segment. The fact that this laptop is considerably thin, has been another plus as well. But just like other products, this best gaming laptop under $1000 Asus ZX53VW also has some weaknesses including quick drainage of its battery.

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Acer Aspire VX 15 Gaming Laptop – 8GB DDR4

Best Laptop For Gaming

Again, Acer has brought its best gaming laptop under $1000. This time, it is the VX15 being offered to the markets worldwide. In general, this laptop makes attractive gaming laptop on budget which is affordable for most customers. And, it can be added with more storage and memory in case you want to improve its performance. Overall, it is considerably easy for this laptop to deliver respectable gaming performance despite of some weaknesses like IPS panel for its display and small SSD card which is only 256GB SSD.

On the outside, this laptop comes with plastic chassis and matte surface which is very nice to touch. Red accents are added for more attractive design. It can be seen from its two decorative stripes and red fan exhausts. Red accents can also be found on the keyboard illumination and touchpad meanwhile the silver accent is found on the central hinge cover.

Its performance on the other hand is not a disappointment. It comes with new hardware including the latest Intel processor, Intel i7-7700HQ that promises powerful performance. Combined with Nvidia GTX 1060 Ti, it is not a hard job for this laptop to deliver excellent graphics quality. Its performance is improved with other hardware added including 1TB Toshiba Hard Drive, 512 GB SSD and 8GB DDR4 RAM. In particular, the processor has 2.8 to 3.7 GHz of clock range, 45 Watts TDP and 14nm+ process. These details make the processor identical to the direct predecessor of i7-6700HQ. According to the benchmark tests, the performance advantage of this processor is rather small compared to the previous one as it only has a couple of percent improvement. But this newer processor comes with better cooling solution and CPU that can make some improvement.

So, what does the customer say about this best gaming laptop under 800 after usage? Well, some information from real users has been gathered. Overall, this laptop has good SSD performance. In fact, it can also beat other rivals equipped with HDD. To have faster performance, some adjustment is required like adding the NVMe and PCIe based solutions. In this case, 256GB SSD is recommended to be added for sufficient storage.

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MSI GL72 7RD-028 17.3 Performance Gaming Laptop

Best Laptop for Gaming Under 1000

Here comes another best laptop for gaming under $1000 you should consider buying. This time, it is MSI turn to bring out their one of their best products to the market. The GL72 7RD-028 gaming laptop will satisfy the serious gamers. With 6 pounds of weight, it may not be the lightest laptop in its segment but it still makes a great portable gaming laptop. It comes with large screen for better enjoyment while gaming.

The design of this laptop is not significantly different to other laptops. For instance, it comes with aluminum chassis and duller accents. But the chassis is considered prone to finger prints so it may not be the ideal chassis but at least it is solid in built. On the other hand, this laptop comes with good display quality that has 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. Good news for most people is the screen has been specially designed to fit the TN panels so the users can enjoy enhanced wide angle views. But for some people, calibration is necessary for the panels to get much better view.

Under the hood, this best gaming laptop under $1000 is equipped 16GB upgradeable memory (up to 64GB), 3.8GHz turbo processor of Intel Core i7-7700HQ, 6MB cache, 128SSD NVidia SSD storage, 1TB HDD and 2.5 inch SATA III. These details and systems allow the laptop to perform as premium gaming laptops with big storage for movie, music and data collection. At, it also performs at lightning speed that makes it capable of handling multiple tasks at the same time. Compared to other notebooks in its segment, this particular laptop is considered fast in performance. There is no wonder that most of the users are not only regular-serious gamers but also office workers. Being offered for less than $1000, it makes sense that this laptop has been getting more and more popular.

However, like any other products, this MSI gaming laptop does come with some drawbacks although they are not major issues. Among the drawbacks are lack of IPS panel, backlit keyboard and also considerably loud fan noise. But other than those, this best gaming laptop under 800 is just performing fine.

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Lenovo Y700 – 15.6 Inch Full HD Gaming Laptop

Laptop for gaming under 1000

Here comes the last recommended best gaming laptop under $1000 in 2017. Let’s check out its best pluses first. Well, it has great performance, terrific battery life, decent storage amount and great features for its price. But it also has some drawbacks including lack of USB-C port and obsolete video card. Here is the truth, this particular laptop from Lenovo may not be the best choice for mid-range gaming laptops but it does have some major features that other laptops may not have. So, it is only normal if you put this laptop on your first list. Well, let’s get to know better about it anyway.

Let’s start with its design. This time, Lenovo chose to give new improved exterior design. The L word in Lenovo logo for instance is looking a bit different. The logo is placed on the lid and characterized with red and black grille to be looking prominent. Its keyboard deck is another great success as it comes with black and soft touch finish. There are two thick speaker grilles made from aluminum that are placed on the top of the deck. Meanwhile, the glossy black plastic is chosen to make the hinge. As a result, the overall design is quite excellent although not rocking.

As for the display, it offers high quality display with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and 263 nits. Its brightness is another success making sure that your favorite high-end games can be truly enjoyed. Just like the display, its performance is another success thanks to Intel Core i7-6700HQ that promises reliable performance. Handling multitasking is nothing hard for this laptop including if it involves running video and website browser. According to some tests performed on this laptop including Fire Transfer Test and Open Office Spreadsheet Macro, the result is pretty amazing. It may not be as fast as Alienware, but it still scores high showing how capable this laptop is to handle demanding gaming and programs.

So, have you figured out which best gaming laptop under $1000 you should buy this time? With colorful designs, powerful components and decent price, those gaming laptops reviewed above are completely different beasts. They are unlike typical mainstream notebooks and more than just notebooks. They are the answers for your hunting of powerful device to let you play numerous demanding games without having to worry about lags and lack of graphics quality. With multicolor keyboards and more aggressive lines, these beasts will take it very easy to handle prolong use of demanding games.

But just right before you make the choice, keep in mind of these important parts of gaming laptop you should take into account. They are the GPU, VRAM, Resolution, RAM or Memory and Drives. With $1000 in your wallet, it is not hard for you find gaming laptop having those parts at excellent performance.

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