5 Best Scopes for 308 Rifles – Ultimate Guide 2017 (UPDATED)

The 308 is a traditional well-rounded hunting bullet. It can be shot from plenty of rifles variety, from ARs to army forces tactical rifles, to old made wood-barreled chasing rifle!

Its benefits consist of low recoil, low powder intake, and increased barrel life. We love it because it’s easy to reload, doesn’t produce a lot of recoils, and is generally really precise within 250-300 backyards.

Since 308 caliber rifles are so different, it can be difficult to find the best scope for both your cartridge and your weapon. There are hundreds of scopes readily available online, and just a few have actually been designed for the .308. They’re tough to find, and in between shopping and comparing, you’ll be losing a great deal of time online when you might be out on the range!

We’ve got you covered. We studied particularly to find the very best scopes for the 308 cartridges, so you can spend more time shooting!

We looked for .308-specific functions and changes, strong construct quality, and solid service warranty protection.

Listed below, you can read our full, thorough reviews of our 5 preferred scopes for the.308. We’ve likewise put together a list of tips to think of while you’re comparing scopes.

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There are lots of options available when trying to find the very best scope for a 308 rifle, so to make things simpler here are our reviews of the leading 5:

Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 Scope

best 308 scopeThe Leupold 115390 Mark AR is fairly priced at under $350, the Leupold name speaks of top quality rifle scopes and this one isn’t a dissatisfaction. This scope also has a Mil-Dot reticle for better accuracy and it is the finest Leupold scope for 308.

The Mark AR weighs around a pound and it is rather more than a foot in length. The eye relief is between three and a half and 4 and a half inches, making it a comfy scope to shoot. The scope is filled with Argon and Krypton to make it fog proof, even when it is moved from the warm interior of a vehicle to cold outdoors temperature levels. The lenses are multi-coated for waterproofing and the Mark AR is also shockproof. This scope is designed to hold up to the heavy recoil of a. 308.

If you want clarity of view and great, vivid color transmission, this scope is for you. It is extraordinary in both. Although the mil dot reticle makes the Mark AR Mod 1 suitable for tactical usage, it is terrific even for the newbie. The mil dot has both horizontal and vertical scadia. To make it somewhat simpler for the .308 owner, Leupold likewise provides turrets that are specifically for the .308 rifle. The turrets are zero resettable, too.

Because of the outstanding optics of the Mark AR Mod 1, this scope is exceptionally easy to utilize. It is quite easy to obtain the target and when sighted in, the mil dot reticle makes it easy to approximate distances for the shot. The scope comes with guidelines for sighting in the mil dot reticle. It must be comprehended that the turrets remain in 1/10 mil adjustments. A mil change is a military requirement that isn’t really difficult to master when the rifle owner comprehends exactly what it is.

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The Nikon M. 308 Tactical Scope

Best scope for 308 rifles

The Nikon M-308 is particularly developed for high-quality long range rifles like a. 308. With a 42 mm unbiased lens, this scope has a great field of vision at a little over 25 feet at top zoom. It has a durable build and a one-inch tube, it likewise weighs just over a pound, which is quite sensible for a. 308. The scope is likewise a little over a foot long, which is terrific for a. 308, specifically if the usage is going to be deer and elk hunting.

The scope is both water resistant and fog evidence, making it an excellent scope for any sort of weather condition. The light transmission has to do with 95 percent, so it can likewise be used in both intense and dim lighting. This scope has a modification of.25 inch, making it easy to change for precision at the long and short variety.

The M-308 is 13.5 inches long and it has about a four-inch eye relief. This makes the scope comfortable to utilize. With the tough construct, this likewise makes this as the best scope for a 308 AR. While this is the best scope for an AR 10, it is likewise superb for a. 308 utilized for huge game and even cross country target shooting.

This rifle scope also has a BDC 800 reticle, which is made so you can change the trajectory of your rifle. BDC 800 was specifically developed for the. 308 to provide 100 yards absolutely no on the crosshairs, with representative points from 200 to 800 yards. BDC suggests “bullet drop compensator”, which is simply another expression for the change in the trajectory of the bullet due to the effect of gravity. This is necessary to sighting in the scope and shooting it.

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Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x42mm Mil Dot Reticle

Best 308 rifle scope

Bushnell is a name that is typically associated with premium scopes and the Elite 6500 is exceptional for usage with a. 308. This scope is solidly made and it puts many other scopes to pity. Once sighted in, the Elite 6500 manages the recoil of a. 308 with ease. It is likewise terrific for usage with a bolt action.308 rifles.

The Elite 6500 has remarkably and regularly clear optics that are layered multiple times to make the lenses long lasting under use in the field. The scope is nitrogen filled and is water resistant, shockproof and fog evidence. Moisture beads up into tiny little drops, to keep the focus clear.

This scope has pushed and pulls turrets and it is no resettable to make sighting in something that is quick and simple. This scope is 1/4 MOA and both the windage and elevation change is resettable. The Elite 6500 has a side focus and a sun shade.

The mil dot reticle significantly increases precision, specifically at big ranges. This is among the reasons the mil dot reticle has actually ended up being the requirement for the very best tactical rifle scopes, for both the military and police. A possible downside, however, is that the scope needs to be correctly mounted so the tube is level with the barrel. Otherwise, it can be a little off target. This shouldn’t provide a problem for a weapon pro and there are many gunsmiths that can mount this scope without concerns.

The field of view, clarity, ease of sighting and modifications and toughness of this scope are great quality. It is fantastic for a. 308, whether the average distance of the shots is going to be 100-200 yards or 300-600 yards. The expense is around $700, depending on where it is acquired, which isn’t really bad for a great tactical scope, however, could be a little pricey for a newbie.

The Bushnell Elite 6500 would be the best 308 tactical scope to get in 2017.

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UTG SWAT Compact Rifle Scope

Here is a fantastic little compact scope that is one of the best tactical scopes for 308 in its size and class. Packed complete with high-end characteristic like a enclosed nitrogen purged tube, brighten bullet drop reticle, fully coated lenses, integrated sunshade, objective turrets, lifetime guarantee, and constructed to be smog, shaking and rain proof, this scope is a heavy scope that has a remarkably low-cost tag. Simply as in the house on a traditional bolt action rifle as a high-end tactical 308, this scope is simply perfect for the spending plan minded shooter seeking a feature abundant scope for their 308 rifle.

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The FSI Sniper Kit


One of the great benefits of modern-day accuracy equipment is the capability to purchase wonderful optics at great prices. FSI uses a strong scope with 6 to 24 magnification ability, red or green brighten reticle and a 50 mm target lens, complete with a sunblinde and installing rings for around a hundred bucks. Definitely among the finest 308 scope deals out there today, this is a complete package, ready to install on many any 308 rifle. Probably among the very best functions of this scope is its brighten reticle, which permits you to view your reticle on a darker lightning condition, making it perfect for fitting on a hunting rifle.

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What to Look For in the Best Scope for 308 Rifles

The most crucial things to think about when trying to find a best scope for 308 rifles are distance ability and clearness, sturdiness, ease of use, and cost. Let’s take a more detailed take a look at each of these.

Range capability and clearness

Since a 308 rifle is designed for range shooting, a scope for this rifle should be made for shots of 300 to 500 backyards or more. If the scope is only accurate to 200 yards, however, does not have clarity at high zoom, the rifle isn’t really going to have the finest usage over cross countries, despite the scenarios.

This does not imply that there aren’t some outstanding short to intermediate variety scopes that will work great on a 308 because there are. It just implies that the scopes are most likely not going to be the finest, overall, for a 308 rifle, even if a specific 308 is never ever utilized for long range.

It needs to be comprehended that when we are discussing clarity, the referral is to a scope that does not show a distorted view at long range magnification and which gives a clear image under both intense light and low light conditions.


Like other scopes, the best 308 scope is going to be one that withstands reasonable usage. A 308 isn’t a brush gun, so it is less likely to be subjected to use in tight quarters where branches and limbs may be a consistent problem. The lenses require being treated to make them scratch resistant.

Television should also have solid building and construction and requires to be a sealed unit, typically filled with nitrogen or argon to make the scope fog resistant. Being sealed and filled with gas makes the scope more resilient by protecting the interior parts of the scope. Consideration must be offered to exactly what the scope is constructed out of because you want something that isn’t really going to be easily harmed. Being shock resistant is also crucial because a 308 can have a tough recoil. Even more, many of 308 rifles are bolt action, so the best 308 scope for bolt action has to have the ability to hold up against the shock of the bolt being locked into the location.

Naturally, this suggests that the scope is likely to have a higher weight if the construction product is strong, so a balance needs to be found in between the weight and the use of which you are going to put the 308. If you are going to be making primarily short or medium range shots, the scope can be more compact, which would imply that it most likely isn’t really going to weigh as much as a scope that is used for greater range.

Investing in a quality scope means that it needs to be a very long time prior to another scope is needed for the exact same 308, assuming that reasonable care is offered to the scope. Given that this is the case, the scope has to be constructed in such a way that it isn’t going to be essential to change it after simply a few usages. Thus, it requires being durable and well constructed. Naturally, there isn’t a method to understand how most likely it is that a scope will show to be long lasting just by taking a look at it. There are still some indicators that it is more likely that the scope will hold up in time.

Reduce of Use

Great rifle scopes should be simple to utilize, basic to increase or decrease magnification and it should not take a lot of time to sight them in. Once they are spotted in, they need to hold the bead so it isn’t essential to sight the scope in again after only a little number of rounds have been fired through the rifle. This is true of all rifle scopes and not just those for a. 308. However, this can be perhaps more vital for a long-range scope. At 500 yards, if the scope doesn’t stay spotted in, even being a little out of positioning can suggest that a target can be missed entirely.

This also means that the dials have to be simple to check out and to change. It additionally means that the reticle must be clear and the eye relief must be comfortable. If the eye relief isn’t really best or the reticle isn’t clear, the scope isn’t really easy to use.

The size of the unbiased lens is also crucial. A larger diameter increases the field of vision. Having a big field of vision makes it much easier to discover and track your target. If you have difficulty with target acquisition, the scope isn’t especially easy to use.


There can be a substantial difference between the cost of a high end 308 scope and an inexpensive one. As a guideline, extremely high quality usually has a big cost connected. The issue is that this isn’t really constantly real in all scenarios. A fantastic offer has to do with the planned usage of the scope and rifle.

There are compact tactical scopes that are of excellent quality for less than $50. These are normally light-weight, they generally lack variable magnification and the objective lens is most likely going to be about 32 mm. These scopes are also typically less 8 inches long. The scopes, while great, aren’t truly designed for far away hunting chance arts a moving deer or elk. They might still work for a hunter who is most likely to be contending video game that is within 100 backyards, though.

At the other end of the rate range, there are 308 scopes that may cost well over $1000. As one may think of, the more costly scope generally has more functions, as well as high-end quality parts. This is to say that prior to purchasing the scope, it is a really good idea to carefully consider what the scope is going to be used for. A person needs to also understand that ‘inexpensive’ can indicate poorly made, however, does not always mean this. Simply due to the fact that a scope is extremely costly does not indicate that it is the best scope for 308 rifles. The rate is often an important aspect, but it certainly isn’t the just essential one that has to be thought about. The general variety in rate for the best 308 scope is most likely going to be between $350 – $1000.

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